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PRE-ORDERS ONLY! Temple Maintenance: Parasite Removal Drops have a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to help cleanse your blood from toxic parasitic residues. FYI parasites urinate and drop toxic waste in your body as long as you host them! These toxins cause many of the symptoms and poor cravings you have. Parasite waste taxes your kidneys, liver and immune system. Your gut is your second brain. Think about all of the times you knew you should not have eaten that junk food, but couldn't resist. Chances are there's parasites you're hosting! FYI, once the Temple Maintenance: Parasite Removal Drops destroys the parasites and their eggs, there’s another release of toxins. Temple Maintenance: Detox Drops is an integral part in cleaning the unhealthy residue left by parasites waste out of your system! We recommend the Temple Maintenance: Detox Drops, The Luxe Reset Tea, paired with your favorite colon cleanse for optimal results.