"Cynnamon Sugar is the hair product of the century! I use it. It works. I love it. Very nutricious!" ~Konnie T. 

"Satin Sheets sugar scrub is THE TRUTH!" ~Antoinette L.

 "I've read that some users refer to this as "hair crack" I can see why with all these awesome ingredients to feed the hair. I smoothed it through my daughter's hair and it felt incredibly soft and well conditioned. It really makes the hair shine and feel soft ! A great treat for the hair at a very reasonable price." ~Hair With Purpose Blog

"The Elixir Oil does wonders (on my hair) and it's not oily." Jacqueline R. 

"The Covered in Cocoa Facial Mask smells so great and makes my face SO soft. Make sure you put it on your neck too!" ~Anjel P. 

"Okay, where do I begin? 1. This stuff is the truth (peppermint body lotion) 2. I wash my hands a lot because I bake. The tingling feeling soothes my hands. I regret not buying a bigger bottle." ~Carmen F. 

"A little bit goes a long way with all of the products: body, hair, face, and lip." ~Lisa M. 

"DO NOT BATHE WHEN YOU HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS! Soaking with the bath tea bag relaxed all my tense muscles." ~John J. 

"The Lapiz of Luxury mask should be called "Face Crack" It makes my skin feel so smooth." ~Barbara M.